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Cumberland Valley Electric retains the right to cut-off the electric service of any member with an unpaid balance after the 27th of every month.

If Cumberland Valley Electric does not receive full payment on an account by the 15th of each month we then send out disconnect notices. If a member receives a disconnect notice they need to pay the remaining balance on their account by the 27th to avoid their electric service from being disconnected.

Yes, Cumberland Valley Electric does offer a levelized budget plan to qualified members. 

Members may call the office at any time to sign up on the levelized budget plan. In order to qualify, you must have 12 months billing history at your current residence. The budget amount due each month will be determined by the most recent 12 month average. 

The purpose of budget billing is to help avoid seasonal high and low bills. On budget, you pay based on your most recent 12 month average. If your bill runs much higher during the winter or summer months, budget billing can help level that out so you don't have to pay those larger bills at one time.

The July bill is the catch up bill. If you have paid in too much on your budget throughout the year, it will be credited to you in July. If you have not paid enough on your budget throughout the year, it will be due with the July bill. 

Call the office at 1-800-513-2677 with your account number to sign up for levelized budget billing. 

Cumberland Valley Electric assesses a 5% penalty to the current balance on a members account on the 15th of each month.

If you are a new member with Cumberland Valley Electric we charge a $25.00 membership fee.

Below are a list of Heating Assistance Agency’s and their phone numbers:

  • KCEOC – (606)546-3152
  • Bell-Whitley CAA – (606)549-3933; (606)337-3044
  • Daniel Boone CAA – (606)598-5127
  • Harlan County CAA – (606)573-5330; (606)573-5331; (606)573-5335
  • Lake Cumberland CAA – (270)343-4600
  • Letcher County CAA – (606)633-4458; (606)633-0082
  • Leslie County CAA – (606)436-8853

Currently, we only allow the named account holder to change the address and phone number on an account. The easiest way to update your mailing address and phone number is via the SmartHub app. You may also call us at 1-800-513-2677 and ask to speak with consumer records to have the change processed over the phone. If you choose to make the request over the phone, you will need to have your account number and the last four digits of your social security number to verify that you are the named account holder.

Underground electric wire can pose a danger to those who are digging near them. Please call 811 before you dig in an area where there could potentially be underground wires.

Cumberland Valley Electric does not allow members setting up new service to charge their deposit to their account. The deposit must be paid in full before new service will be turned on.

You can have as many electric accounts associated with your eBill email account and password as you have electric accounts, provided that all the accounts are under the same name. We do allow multiple accounts under different names to added to the same email account and password for eBill, but doing so requires the assistance of one of our customer service representatives and the permission of the named account holder. We provide this ability chiefly so that owners can view the electric bills of their rental properties without having to have the account in their name or so that family members can assist in the payment and tracking of electric bills of infirm or traveling relatives.

To open a new service with Cumberland Valley Electric you need the following items:

  • 2 forms of identification one of which must be a photo ID, social security cards are a preferred form of identification
  • 7 digit meter number (if service already exists)
  • Nearest neighbor (for those with new construction)
  • Deposit (deposit is calculated as 2/12 of the average annual bill at each location) You may call ahead with the meter number to find out the deposit for your location.
  • Membership fee of $25.00 (unless you are already a member with an account in good standing)

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There are two ways to add additional accounts to your eBill account. The first method is to click on the “Click here to sign up for online account access” hyperlink located under the username and password prompts on the eBill log in page. You can then add an additional account as if you were signing up for eBill for the first time. Simply use your existing email account and password to have the new account numbers added to your existing account. In some rare cases, this method may not work due to inconsistencies in address information in our records, in which case you may find it necessary to call the office at 1-800-513-2677.

You may also call the office and ask for the additional accounts to be added by a Customer Service Representative.