Customer Charge

An amount paid monthly for electric service based upon costs incurred for metering, meter reading, billings, etc., exclusive of demand or energy consumption. You pay the customer charge even if no electricity is used.

KWH Charge

The charge for the kilowatt hours you used during the billing period.

Demand Charge (commercial accounts only)

That part of the charge for electric service based upon the electric capacity (kW) consumed and billed on the basis of billing demand under an applicable rate schedule.

Fuel Charge

The Fuel Charge is a modification of the customer’s monthly bill caused by an increase or decrease in the cost of the fuel (coal,gas,etc) used to generate the electricity.

Environmental Surcharge

The Environmental Surcharge covers the costs incurred as a result of complying with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clean air regulations.

Security Light Charge

Monthly charge for security lighting.

Actual Demand (commercial accounts only)

DEMAND (kW) is the total amount of electricity required at any given time by a customer. It is expressed in kW.

Billed Demand (commercial accounts only)

The total demand to be billed after applying any power factor penalties.

Power Factor Percent (commercial accounts only)

The fraction of power actually used by a customer’s electrical equipment, compared to the total apparent power supplied, usually expressed as a percentage. Where a load has a power factor lower than 1, more current is required to deliver the same amount of useful energy. Cumberland Valley requires that some customers, especially those with large loads, maintain the power factors of their respective loads within specified limits or be subject to additional charges.

School Tax

A tax collected by Cumberland Valley for the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet and forwarded to the local school district.

KVA Min Up Charge (commercial accounts only)

A charge for transformer capacity when minimums are not exceeded.